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Don’t get pigeonholed when you mention your business.

Be ready with a 30-second commercial that answers “so what do you do?”

After your name, share about your clients and the reasons they use you.
- Describe the problems you solve for them using emotional phrases such as fed up, worried, or anxious; like:

“Our clients come to us when they are frustrated with sales.”

Next, share what you do for your clients and how it helps them; like:

“They tell me we help them with proactive, high integrity tactics that help them avoid unpaid consulting.

Finally, end by asking them to deny they have the problem you’ve described; like:
“I don’t imagine you find yourself doing a lot of unpaid consulting?”

Here’s a couple of tips for ensuring people listen to your whole commercial when you’re describing what you do:

  • Keep your language conversational and informal.
  • Be sure you don’t use buzzwords or industry jargon, these are an instant turn-off.
  • Focus on a specific example of something you do.  If you ask about a specific problem, you may find that someone has that issue.  But if you keep it general, no one will respond.
  • Keep it short.  People will tune in for 20 seconds, maybe 30, but you’ll never get them to listen to you much longer than that.
  • Create different 30-second commercials for different audiences.  Try to target their likely pain points.

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