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In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us. We are thrilled to watch them and their business grow!

When our clients are successful, we know that we've succeeded in our mission.

I wanted to let you know that CCI had its best sales month ever in August, and some of the projects can be directly related to the improvements that we have made interacting with prospects. Our sales staff has a new level of confidence, we are seeing significant progress in prospecting, and our sales numbers and outcomes are improving. I want to thank both of you for the impact you have had and continue to have on the CCI sales effort. My experience with Sandler has been outstanding. I'd suggest to anyone that they sit down with Joe and Mike to discuss their frustrations with their sales process. They'll be up-front and honest about whether they can be helpful or not. 2010 turned out to be an outstanding year for Caster Concepts, Inc..As I reflect back on the year and the many things that we have done to change our business the work that we have done to improve our sales organization is the one that shines most brightly. We achieved a 20% increase in volume while adding to 2.5 points to our margins during the 2010 year. The Sandler System and the work that we have done with Marr Professional Development has created a culture that values personal accountability and I believe will generate long term success for the organization. Thanks to Joe, Mike and Rich for all their efforts.

Bill Dobbins, Owner Caster Concepts

At your December Goal Setting seminar you asked us to set a sales goal for ourselves for the month of January. You instructed us to pick a number that we thought we had a 10% change of making (and therefore a stretch goal), and told us that if we set it as a goal and work toward it we will achieve it. I thought, "Ok, I'll play along" and set my goal at $100,000 for the month. That represents 50% more than my actual monthly goal set in our yearly budget and significantly more than we would expect a salesperson to sell month over month here. I am happy to report that my final sales for the month were $101,713.68! That can happen sometimes when a especially large job closes in a month but I had no projects in there that were even equal to our average size. I do have several large jobs in progress but they won't close until Feb or March. January was made up of 12 separate sales from 10 different clients. So..... I guess it does work!

Lee Willwerth, Owner DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

We have been using the Sandler Selling System and training for over a year now and have found that our sales have been steadily increasing in part to the training that we are receiving from Joe, Mike and Rich at Sandler in Ann Arbor. The classes and personnel coaching one on one that our sales staff has received has increased our sales skills in negotiation, selling and prospecting. One of the best decisions we have made in changing our selling culture and improving our profitability.

Craig Ward, General Manager F. P. Miller Company

I became a client in 2006 when I was working out of my house by myself. The techniques I learned at Sandler have helped my company grow to 12 people and increase company revenue by almost 500% in that time period. When I first signed up, I thought I take a year of classes, and be done. But the fantastic thing about Joe & Mike's approach is that they adapt as your company grows. Now that I'm managing a sales team instead of doing everything myself, I'm still benefiting & learning!

Marisa Smith, President Whole Brain Group

In the fiscal year following my President's Club certification I achieved my best booked sales tally in my 6 yr. history at Logic Solutions in Ann Arbor. I followed that in FY 07 with yet another new personal record and then added another 50% increase in 2008. Bear in mind this occurred in 2007 & 2008 as our local economy was sliding in the other direction." Now in 2009, more then ever I find the lessons learned to be my stalwart to effectively engaging my prospects and clients in achieving a mutual winning formula, even in a depressed economy.

Al Carpinelli Logic Solutions, Inc

Meadowlark Builders

Doug Selby, Owner
Joe and the crew at Sandler Sales really helped me understand not only how the sales process should work, but insights into how individual people want to be sold. If you're spending your precious time with clients, it makes sense for both them and for you to understand what they are looking for and how you can effectively communicate with them. Sandler training was enormously helpful in developing that skill set.

meadowlark client logo

Thank you, Sandler Ann Arbor Team! The Sandler Selling System has taught me how to talk to prospects more effectively, uncover their real needs, and engage in meaningful discussions of every part of a sales conversation. I also really appreciate the coaching sessions to address specific challenges I encounter. My business has increased significantly since I enrolled in the Sandler program six months ago. I recommend Sandler training to all my friends!

Jim Campbell, Owner Exciting Productions

Michael Spath, Host "Inside The Huddle"

I'm into conversations with 8 different potential advertising sponsors right now and five slots to fill.

In 11 months of being a salesperson I have never had more than 2-3 leads at one time. The Sandler training is working big time, and that's what I am stressing in my endorsements of Joe Marr, Sandler Training in Ann Arbor.

I even walked away from a lead last week because it didn't make sense $$$ for my end.



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Jim Park, DMT-USA

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