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Marr Professional Development Corporation | Ann Arbor, MI

In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us. We are thrilled to watch them and their business grow!

Client Testimonial:

Meadowlark Builders

Doug Selby, Owner
Joe and the crew at Sandler Sales really helped me understand not only how the sales process should work, but insights into how individual people want to be sold. If you're spending your precious time with clients, it makes sense for both them and for you to understand what they are looking for and how you can effectively communicate with them. Sandler training was enormously helpful in developing that skill set. 1050 AM (in Ann Arbor)

Michael Spath, Host "Inside The Huddle"

I'm into conversations with 8 different potential advertising sponsors right now and five slots to fill.

In 11 months of being a salesperson I have never had more than 2-3 leads at one time. The Sandler training is working big time, and that's what I am stressing in my endorsements of Joe Marr, Sandler Training in Ann Arbor.

I even walked away from a lead last week because it didn't make sense $$$ for my end.



Client Testimonial Video

Jim Park, DMT-USA